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來源: The Mercury News 網址:https://tinyurl.com/ydbgkcvgTNT’s Reggie Miller, Chris Webber defend Steve Kerr allowing players to run huddles in win over Suns Reggie Miller跟Chris Webber對於勇士教練讓球員拿戰術板的看法 OAKLAND — The question caused TNT analysts Reggie Miller and Chris Webber to laugh loudly, defend Warriors coach Steve Kerr and strongly criticize the Phoenix Suns. 對於勇士球員拿戰術板這個問題,Reggie Miller跟Chris Webber先是大笑,然後幫捍衛勇 士教練Kerr的說法,然後抨擊鳳凰城太陽隊。 What did the former NBA stars think of Kerr allowing his players to run the huddles during the team’s 129-83 victory over the Suns on Monday? After both laughed for nearly five seconds, both Miller and Webber strongly defended Kerr ’s coaching tactics, while dismissing Suns players that considered the move to be disrespectful. 到底這兩位前NBA明星球員對於星期一晚上勇士129-83擊敗太陽勇士教練讓他的球員指導戰 術有甚麼意見? 兩個人先是大笑了近五秒後,兩個都是站在勇士教練Kerr這邊,然後不認 同太陽球員說是不尊重對手的說法。 “You can’t be sensitive. That’s the problem with these young guys,” Miller said on a conference call on Tuesday to promote TNT’s coverage of NBA All-Star weekend in Los Angeles. “You can’t be sensitive. Stop crying. Play better. Work harder together.” 「人不要太敏感,那是現在這些年輕球員的問題,」Miller在星期二的電話會議談到。「 不要太敏感,不要在那邊哭哭,把球打好,努力一點。」 NBA TV analyst and former NBA coach Sam Mitchell said Kerr’s tactic disrespected both the coaching profession and the Suns. Though Suns coach Jay Triano and guard Devin Booker told ESPN they did not fault Kerr for his coaching decision, Suns forward Jared Dudley said the tactic “shows a lack of respect for the opponent.” Suns guard Troy Daniels told the Arizona Republic, “It’s disrespectful. I don’t think it’s hard to coach those guys, though. So I think anybody can do it.” 球評也是前NBA教練Sam Mitchell說Kerr這樣的行為既不尊重教練這個專業,也不尊重太 陽。雖然太陽教練Jay Triano跟後衛Booker說他們不會怪罪Kerr,但是太陽前鋒Dudley說 這樣的手法"顯示對手的不尊重"。太陽後衛Troy Daniels跟記者說,「這是不尊重,我 不認為要執教那些球員很難,每個人都可以做得到。」 Webber argued the Suns’ reaction “shows to me that you were on those teams that got trophies for just coming to the tournament.” Miller laughed and then interjected: “participation trophies!” Webber認為太陽對這件事的反應,「對我來說,代表了那些隊伍只是能拿參加獎的隊伍 Miller大笑然後插話:「參~加~獎~!」 “Yeah, participation trophies,” Webber said. “We don’t cry about losing like that in the NBA. This isn’t college football where guys are scared to run it up [on the scoreboard]. No, you run it up. There’s a 24-second shot clock for a reason.” 「是啊!參~加~獎~!」Webber說。「我們在NBA輸球,不會因為那種事在那邊哭哭啼啼。 這不是大學美式足球比賽,大學球員會怕去跑戰術。不是好嗎?就是要來跑戰術,24秒攻 擊時間不是沒有理由的好嗎?」 For nearly 7 1/2 minutes, Webber and Miller criticized the Suns (18-40) for having the second-worst record in the Western Conference while defending Kerr ’s methods. Though the Warriors (44-13) have the NBA’s best record, they have fought season-long complacency after winning two NBA titles in the past three years. The Warriors became more concerned with that trend after losing three games in a recent four-game stretch. 在近7分半鐘,Webber跟Miller數落了太陽的戰績,西區倒數第二,然後替Kerr說話。雖然 勇士目前戰績領先,他們目前則是要與三年兩冠顯得太過自滿而奮鬥,勇士目前要關心的 是在近四場比賽輸了三場。 “I like the message that Steve Kerr [sent],” Miller said. “Look, his voice is not resonating in that locker room. So why not change something up?” 「我喜歡教練Kerr藉此傳達出的訊息,」Miller說。「好,他的話在休息室沒人聽,那就 換個方式看看。」 So instead, Kerr had veteran forward Andre Iguodala organize morning shootaround while veteran center JaVale McGee led film study. During timeouts, Kerr handed his clipboard to his veterans to draw up plays on a clipboard while his staff stood off to the side. Iguodala, Draymond Green and David West spoke the most during timeouts, showing both their assertive personalities, experience and basketball IQs. 所以,Kerr讓老將小AI組織那天早上的投球練習,MyBoy負責影片研究。在暫停時,Kerr將 戰術板給老將們,讓他們畫戰術,他和他的教練團則站在旁邊。小AI,嘴綠跟大衛西負責 大部份的暫停時間,展現他們堅毅的人格特質,打球經驗以及高球商。 “Kerr knows his guys better than anyone. Very honestly, I think it was a brilliant move as far as chemistry,” Webber said. “But I don’t think it was a stretch as far as IQ. You’re halfway through the season. You know what plays you call. You know when you have a good coach like Kerr with what he has been harping on. All it does is make you take ownership in what he’s been trying to teach the whole time. So instead of him getting on a pedestal and preaching it to you from a distance and you don’t want to hear it, he says, ‘Okay, you’re handling it yourself and you have to go back to the tenets that got you here.’ That’s simple to me.” 「Kerr是最了他的球員的人,老實說,我認為這個方式就球隊氛圍來說會非常好,」 Webber說。「但我認為講到球商就有點過頭了。球季已經打了一半,大家都知道該要下哪 種戰術了。有像Kerr這樣的好教練,整個球季都不停的在提醒球員。他只是讓球員自己來 做他一直在做的事,所以,與其讓他不停的在場邊,不停的對球員絮絮叨叨一些球員不想 聽的,他乾脆,『好,那你們乾脆自己來,這樣你們才會回到最初我們如何走到這裡的基 本原則。』對我來說就是那麼簡單。」 Such tactics reminded Miller of Spurs coach Gregg Popovich allowing veteran guards Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili to lead timeouts in recent seasons. Though Kerr said he never experienced that when he played for Popovich in two separate stints (1999-2001, 2002-03), Kerr said that Popovich occasionally allowed his assistants to take charge during timeouts. 這樣的做法讓Miller想起馬刺波波教練也曾在近幾季會讓老將Parker跟Manu在暫停時主 導,雖然Kerr說他兩次為波波效力的時候沒有碰過,但是Kerr說波波有時會讓助理教練主 導暫停時間。 “Everyone was saying, ‘Pop is a genius. Look at the guys running the huddle during these games.'” Miller said. “But when the Golden State Warriors and Steve Kerr and those guys do it, it’s, ‘Oh my God, they’re showing up the Phoenix Suns.’ What’s the difference? Steve Kerr learned under Gregg Popovich. That’s probably where he got it from. What is the difference?” 「每個人都說,『波總是個天才。看啊!他的球員在一些比賽時主導戰術。』」Miller 說。「但是當勇士教練Kerr跟球員做一樣的事情時,就變成了,『我的老天鵝,他們就是 炫耀給太陽看啦!』這到底有啥差別?Kerr師承波總,那可能就是從波總那邊學來的,這 兩個有差嗎?」 Miller conceded uncertainty if Kerr would allow his players to take control of the huddles during timeouts against more marquee opponents, including the Houston Rockets (42-13) or the San Antonio Spurs (35-23). But then again, Miller argued, who cares? Miller承認,他不確定Kerr如果對打其他比較強的隊伍,像是火箭或是馬刺,會不會讓球 員再來主導暫停時間。不過,Miller說,「誰在意啊?」 “This is not something that is going to happen every game,” Miller said. “ It happens in one particular game and you all got your heads beaten in. But that’s disrespectful to ya’ll? How about not losing by 25-plus points?” 「這又不是每一場都會發生的狀況,」Miller說。「那只是發生在一場比賽而已,然後大 家就整個腦衝了。但那對大家有不敬嗎? 拜託先不要輸球輸25+好嗎?」 Miller then reflected on his Hall-of-Fame career with the Indiana Pacers (1987-2005) where he played for various established coaches. Miller講到在溜馬跟不同教練打球的經驗。 “A coach is just a figure head. He draws up the X’s and O’s. But I guarantee you. If there is something that Larry Bird, Dr. Jack Ramsey, Rick Carlisle, if they drew up a play and I didn’t like it during the huddle, I guarantee you I was voicing my opinion,” Miller said. “What is the difference? Players run the game, regardless. A head coach is just a figure head. So you can’t be upset or embarrassed that players are running the huddles.” 「教練只是個象徵性,他會畫一些圈圈和叉叉。但是我保證,即使像大鳥柏德,或是Dr. Jack Ramsey或是Rick Carlisle畫出一些戰術我不是太同意,我會表示我的意見的。」 Miller說。「那有甚麼差別嗎? 球員是實際上跑戰術的人,教練只是個象徵,所以球員在 講戰術的時候,不應該要覺得不爽或是尷尬的。」 Some have become upset, though. 有些人是真的不爽。 “The fact that Phoenix [complained] shows they have a long way to go in the locker room,” Webber said. “They don’t have a leader in the locker room that says, ‘We deserve to get our butts beat like that. In a couple of years, we’re going to turn it around so we can coach ourselves.’ So I have no words for that, but it’s not right.” 「太陽隊抱怨只代表了他們還有很長一段路要走,」Webber說。「他們在休息室沒有一個 領導,然後出來說,『打成這樣真的是我們活該。再過幾年,我們要把情況扭轉,所以我 們也可以做自己的教練。」我對那種行為沒話可說,只是那是不對的。」 So, Miller talked instead. Miller繼續說。 “Fuel this for down the road,” Miller said. “You’re a young team. Have a long memory. Remember that the Warriors did that. This should be a sense of motivation toward you.” 「把這當作進步的動力,」Miller說。「這是年輕的隊伍,把這件事記牢,記得勇士做過 這樣的事,那會成為動力。」 During the conference call, Miller frequently asked a reporter to look up how many times the Suns lost games by double digit margins and by at least 30 points. Phoenix has lost 26 games by double-digit margins and has suffered 30-point plus blowouts in six games. Two days after losing by 48 points to San Antonio, the Suns then lost by 46 points to Golden State. 在那場電話會談,Miller不時的問記者,去查一下太陽輸兩位數以上跟超過三十分的場 次。太陽輸了26場兩位數比數的比賽,六場超過30分的。太陽先是以48分輸給馬刺,兩天 後以46分輸給勇士。 “Are you kidding me?” Miller said. “Get on a line and do a suicide and shut up. Are you kidding me, man?” 「你在開玩笑嗎?」Miller說。「去排隊練折返跑好嗎? 閉上你的嘴,開甚麼玩笑?」 If he were still playing, Miller said he would have forced his teammates to work out as soon as the plane landed after losing by such a margin. Miller說若是他還在打球的話,在輸成那樣大比分後,他會一下飛機就把隊友拉去訓練。 “Lace them up. 3 o’clock in the morning,” Miller said. “We’re doing [running drills] and then we’re going to run Camelback Mountain. I don’t want to hear your mouths. Are you kidding me? [26 double-digit losses], and you’re worried about Andre Iguodala coaching and David West coaching?” 「把他們帶上,凌晨3點集合,」Miller說。「我們要跑練習,然後我們要去跑山路,我 不要聽到一個抱怨,開甚麼玩笑?26場兩位數輸球?然後你現在在哭說小AI跟大衛西在教 戰術?」 Webber interjected, “You’re worried about the champions.” Miller added, “ They never should’ve put me on this conference call.” Webber插話,「你應該要擔心冠軍盃這件事。」Miller更說,「我不應該被邀請上這個電 話會談的。」 “That’s funny,” Webber said. “That shows you what their practices are like. I bet they cry for fouls all day long in practice.” 「那真的很好笑,」Webber說。「那只代表了他們練習的程度,我打賭,在平常練習,他 們大概不停的哭說誰犯規了。」 Then, the laughter subsided. After 7 1/2 minutes, Miller and Webber made their points pretty clear. 然後在一陣大笑後電話會談結束。在這7分半鐘,Miller跟Webber的意見看起來很清楚了。 -- ※ 發信站: 批踢踢實業坊(ptt.cc), 來自: ※ 文章網址: https://www.ptt.cc/bbs/NBA/M.1518592175.A.D09.html
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96Fs901133124: 中肯 02/14 16:57
97Fop520ptt: 話說kerr以前也待過太陽總管 02/14 17:05
98Fchinhan1216: 我真的覺得讓球員去畫戰術版沒有什麼侮辱對方的意 02/14 17:31
99Fchinhan1216: 思 02/14 17:31
100Fcgabear: 結論:不努力的魯蛇閉嘴。 02/14 17:43
101Fduke0529: 卡特教頭裡面suicide的意思也是折返跑~ 02/14 17:46
102FShinXXXXX: 我正要講樓上的那個,罰你們去看卡特教頭 02/14 17:47
103FSHetler: 在這裡 先把miller webber水桶好嗎? 02/14 17:47
104Fgotohikaru: 跟以前的大嘴比 這話已經講得很客氣了 02/14 18:12
105Fchi12345678: 輸到這樣 對面畫HELLO KITTY都能贏你好嗎..... 02/14 18:25
106Fjyekid: You can’t be sensitive. Stop crying 02/14 18:29
107Ftassadar1: 每個人都可以執教勇士,那Kerr畫戰術板跟你阿嬤畫 02/14 18:33
108Ftassadar1: 戰術板跟小AI畫戰術板有差嗎?抱怨什麼? 02/14 18:34
109Fa37988233: 太陽真的可憐 好好練球行不行 02/14 18:58
110Fhaow: 得七十分輸球慶祝,再怪別人不尊重自己,球隊文化真 02/14 19:04
111Fhaow: 的需要好好建立 02/14 19:04
112Feric0369: 大嘴很嗆但很實在 輸成這樣還在哭哭啼啼 02/14 19:11
113Fserval623: 超中肯評論 02/14 19:11
114Fchris0701: 看到有人提就講一下 Kerr當太陽總管的時候擺顆西瓜` 02/14 19:15
115Fchris0701: 可能比較好 02/14 19:15
116Fxo1100: 真正太陽迷才不會吭這種聲吧 就真的是不爭氣阿 02/14 19:24
117Fxo1100: kerr當總管時盤來大歐不知道是不是讓他來養傷的 02/14 19:25
118Fchris0701: 陽迷都馬很安靜XDD 02/14 19:37
119Fkkjjkkjj: 一堆酸酸在反串,笑死 02/14 20:06
120Fbenboy: 太陽真的是玻璃心....下次對勇士往死裡打就是了XD 02/14 20:07
121Fwj1009: 其實職業運動就這樣,你能贏說啥都對,輸就是被踐踏 02/14 20:22
122Fs8900117: 推翻譯 02/14 20:35
123Fxiahself: 推 就是其他酸酸喊燒而已 02/14 20:47
124Fsuckmanisme: 推 02/14 20:49
125FFukatsuEri: 就是因為是職業運動 尊重是自己贏來的 而不是人家施 02/14 21:22
126FFukatsuEri: 捨的 不是嗎... 02/14 21:23
127Forangeray: 太陽球員說這種話, 是叫死忠太陽迷及老納迷情何以堪 02/14 22:06
128Forangeray: ? 02/14 22:06
129Fatking: 神米說的好 02/14 22:32
130Fhcder4126: 中肯 自己隊伍爛 不要輸那麼多就沒這問題了 02/14 22:35
131Fs310213: 什麼咖啊!拉我偉大的POPO救援,不要臉! 02/14 22:36
132FNAGI: 打到輸45分的說對手不尊重自己XD 02/14 22:44
133Flove92061: 中肯 只能推了 02/14 22:48
134Fchuchu000: 還做功課嘴人XD 猛 02/14 23:44
135FRBC54321: 波波那段很中肯阿 中肯到讓人無法反駁 勇士叫球員 02/14 23:49
136FRBC54321: 喊戰術被酸到不行 如果是馬刺 根本沒那麼多酸酸 02/14 23:49
137FMidoriG: 純噓老天鵝 02/14 23:57
138Fmingxian: 黃萬隆也有叫球員畫過戰術啊XD 02/15 00:10
139Fmingxian: 而且是在球員打不好的時候 02/15 00:10
140Fssisters: 中肯! Kerr只是在團結隊內氣氛 不知一堆人爆氣什蒐 02/15 00:15
141Fmathrew: 很中肯啊 大腸輸成這樣 是有尊重球迷了嗎 02/15 06:29
142Feirose: Kerr這招把最近很散漫的勇士拉回來,很厲害阿 02/15 06:52
143Fdusted: 神米真的會在暫停後叫隊友改掉教練戰術XD 02/15 08:15
144Fyuenwwjd: 大腸終究是大腸 02/15 09:59
145Fmingxian: Kerr的用意應該是要讓球員知道自己什麼時候該做什麼 02/15 11:52
146Fnhpoppin1: 認真說 太陽現在真的要檢討自己才對吧... 02/15 14:26
147Fleonmarsman: 波總英明超嘴哈哈哈哈 02/15 20:33
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